How to use the smablo system

Start with Smablo CPU

Smablo CPU is the brain of the system. It powers the system with an amazing ARM® Cortex-M™ M4F 64 Mhz Processor. You have multiple choices of Smablo CPU. You can choose a version with battery Hat or an additional connector for an external power device or extension board. Every Smablo CPU module is also equipped with Bluetooth® 5 technology that powers the basic communication of your device.

Add power source

Now you must choose a power supply for your device. The power supply can be different, and it's designed to reach the specific needs of your device. You can power your device from a usb port, battery, or Li-Po accumulator, Solar power, or connect it to standard power grid. Smablo is extremely ultra-low-power system.

Add sensors and modules

Your CPU with power supply is a Bluetooth device. It can be used as a programable beacon, but the real power of smablo is a sensor modular system. You can choose from a library of 50 modules to choose sensors you need for your application. Then, simply connect them to your device by placing one item over another. You can choose as many sensors as you want, and your device will be more powerful!

Place the device where you need to

Smablo was designed to be fitted in your device or closed in your specific case as an independent device

In your device

We designed a special mounting system that will allow you to mount a device inside your device or case with no specific problems that can appear

In Case

You can close your device in one of the cases we provide. You will get access to our Case shop, and you will get 3D files so you can modify them and print on your own.

On Extension board

We also provide extension boards for the system available on the market that can add sensors to your device. Simply add smablo to your Arduino or Raspberry PI!

Add a logic and make it work!

Now you have the hardware and you need to tell the device what to do. To do that, you must place your modules on our smablo development board and connect the board to your computer. We provide a simple software you need to install, and you are ready to add a program!

Easy programming

with Visual Studio Code

Smablo IoT development system comes with an easy to use Smablo Development Kit. Our SDK allows developers with basic coding skills to build powerful solutions based on Smablo. You can write software in Visual Studio Code with knowledge of C-type language. We also designed a huge library of templates and programs that can be used for building solutions, without writing a single line of code! Everything to help you build prototypes in days, not years.

Build your application

When you have a device with logic inside, you can build an application on top of that. Doesn't matter if it's a standalone, mobile, or cloud application; we made is simple as possible. You can use our applications and modify them how you want. We provide a source code for applications for iOS, Android, Ruby, C, Python, and more.

We hope you build an amazing applications with use of smablo system