Smablo IoT Development Kit

With our technology you can build devices faster than anything on the market for much more affordable price than development from scratch.

Easy hardware design

With 31 different elements inside our IoT development kit you can build hundreds of different devices in minutes. Choose modules you need for your devices and connect them like Lego blocks.

Easy software development

We support you with our SDK which simplify process of software development. You don't need highly skilled Embeded programmer to build software for hardware devices. We made sure your regular software developer will be able to use it!

Easy production

You can not only build prototypes but also test your solution on the market. You can order as many smablo modules as you want to make your product a reality without high cost of production

Easy programming

with Visual Studio Code

Smabo IoT development system comes with very easy to use Smablo Development Kit. Our SDK allows developers with basic coding skills to build powerful solutions based on Smablo. You will be able to write software in Visual Studio Code with knowledge of C-type language. We also designed a huge library of templates and programs that can be used for building solutions without even writing a single line of code! Everything to help you build prototypes in days not years

31 elements inside the box

4xCPU with Bluetooth®

Brain of the smablo system! 64MHz, 32-bit ARM® Cortex&trade M4F CPU with FPU 512kB flash & 64kB RAM. Buil-In Low-energy Bluetooth®


Humidity and Tempreture Sensor, Absolute Digital Presure Sensor, Integrated Lights to Digital Converter


Complete Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor Solution.


Integrated 2 Relays. Electromagnetic switch that allows you to switch something ON or OFF

Air Quality

Integrated Ultra-low digital GAS sensor for monitoring Indoor Air Quality

Gesture & Color

Integrated Ambient Light and RGB Color Sensing, Proximity Sensing and Gesture Detection in an Optical Module


Integrated 2x RGB Leds and 2x Tactile Switches. Perfect solution for a self-controlled system


Connect power supply to your device with a Micro-USB cable

Solar Power

Dual Input Buck-Boost with integrated PowerPath™ Manager. Allows to attach Solar cells and Li-Po battery

7 Segment Display

Integrated Surface mount display. Allows to simply display 2 digits

Smoke Sensor

Integrated High-Sensitivy Optical Sensor for Smoke Detection Applications.


High Sound pressure level and clear sound. Add sound to your device


Ultra low-power Integrated GPS Receiver


Integrated Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution. Send messages and trnasmit data with GPRS to your externall system


Connect modules in more than one stack

Pollution sensor

PM 2.5 and PM 10 pollution/smog sensor

Soil mosture

Quality of the soil

Solar Cell

Solar cell for Solar charging module

2x Batteries

Batteries for CPUs with batteries HAT

1x Li-Po

Li-Po Accumulator

Development Board

Development Board for easy programing

Smablo Case

Smablo universal case

Build fast prototypes without expensive development