RTT Viewer is a is part of segger J-Link package that is used with Smablo products to help debug and print logs from sensors. . RTT Viewer can be used stand-alone, opening an own connection to J-Link and target or in parallel to a running debug session, attaching to it and using this existing J-Link connection.

To get start upgrading Smablo CPU Shield with new SoftDevice you will need :

Take Smablo development board from your Smablo Development kit and place CPU on the described connector like in the pictures and video below:

RTT Viewer have to be configured only once after instalation. The configuration of the RTT Viewer was shown on the video below:

If we want to print something on RTT Viewer window we need to include nrf_log.h library which contains macros to print the text and the values on screen. Basicly printing logs using this library is very similar to using c standard library printf function. The video below shows you how to use RTT Viewer with accelerometer_simple_sample_interrupt example.

RTT Viewer can also record the logs just like it was shown on the video below.