A SoftDevice is a wireless protocol stack library for building System on Chip (SoC) solutions. SoftDevices are precompiled into a binary image and functionally verified according to the wireless protocol specification, so that all you have to think about is creating the application. From time to time you will need to upgrade SoftDevices on your CPU Shields to keep up with the most recent solutions. SoftDevice is located in your libsm file in sm_sdk\external\nRF5_SDK\components\softdevice\s132\hex.

Getting started

To get start upgrading Smablo CPU Shield with new SoftDevice you will need :

Take Smablo development board from your Smablo Development kit and place CPU on the described connector like in the pictures and video below:

Then we can start upgrading SoftDevice. The fastest way to upgrade the SoftDevice on Smnablo Cpu Shield is to just drag and drop it t the J_Link just like it was shown on the video below.

After SoftDevice upgrade you can just flash your Smablo CPU Shield with your project.