Smablo Development board is one of the most important parts of the Smablo Development Kit. With Development board you can design, test and debug your projects. All pins on DB are connected with CPU pins and Shields pins. For your convenience Development Board is equipped with 2 LEDs and 2 buttons that are connected with board by jumpers.

All pins special with purpose are described next to the pin. On the board you can see two main jumpers: power jumper and VCOM jumper, VCOM jumper is used to connect the debug option to the shield and the power jumper is used to add and test other power sources then USB.

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Getting started

When connecting the board with your computer the power LED will indicate that the board was connected to the computer

Then you can put all the shields you need to on the described places. For example let’s connect the Smablo CPU and USB cable. As you can see the USB LED is on indicating that Development board is connected to computer.

Shields won’t be powered on until the power switch will be turned on

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The Development Board is ready for work and debug your projects when the both of the LEDs are on just like on the picture below:

If you decide to want to connect a new shield to Development Board remember to turn the power switch off. Whole connecting process was also shown on the Video below:


Other power sources

Smablo Development board can be powered form other sources and still maintain the communication with computer and debug features. Example of this kind of connection was shown on the video below with use of Smablo power USB DC-DC Shield :


This configuration ensures that the power is sourced from the red dc-dc shield but we can still debug the projects.