Solar power Harvester with Externall Cell and Battery backup

General description

Solar module helps you to create energy independent devices by getting the energy from the sun. It’s commonly used with other Low energy sensors.

Benefits and Features

Dual Input Buck-Boost with Integrated PowerPath™ Manager

Ultralow Start-Up Voltages: 850mV Start with No Backup Source, 300mV with a Backup Source

Compatible with Primary or Rechargeable Backup Batteries

Digitally Selectable VOUT and VSTORE

Maximum Power Point Control

Ultralow Quiescent Current: 1.6μA

Regulated Output with VIN or VSTORE Above, Below or Equal to the Output

Optional Backup Battery Trickle Charger

Shelf Mode Disconnect Function to Preserve Battery

Shelf Life

Burst Mode® Operation

Accurate RUN Pin Threshold

Power Good Output Voltage Indicator

Selectable Peak Current Limit: 90mA/650mA