• IoT Development Kit

    The journey with smablo starts with this package, which contains 31 modules and all you need to build fast prototypes of devices

50 different modules

ur library of modules is wide. Choose which modules you need for your product. We can supply you with as many modules as you need to build working Proof of concept and support you with production.

Cpu with Bluetooth 5®

Brain of the smablo system! 64MHz, 32-bit ARM® Cortex&trade M4F CPU with FPU 512kB flash & 64kB RAM. Buil-In Low-energy Bluetooth® 5 and Accelerometer

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Humidity and Tempreture Sensor, Absolute Digital Presure Sensor, Integrated Lights to Digital Converter

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Complete Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor Solution.

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Integrated 2 Relays. Electromagnetic switch that allows you to switch something ON or OFF

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Air Quality

Integrated Ultra-low digital GAS sensor for monitoring Indoor Air Quality

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Gesture & Color

Integrated Ambient Light and RGB Color Sensing, Proximity Sensing and Gesture Detection in an Optical Module

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Integrated Ultra-low power GPS Receiver

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Integrated Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution. Send messages and trnasmit data with GPRS to your externall system

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Griedeye Infrared

Integrated Infrared Array Sensor Grid-Eye. Tempreture detection of two-dimentional area 8x8 (64 pixels)

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Smoke Sensor

Integrated High-Sensitivy Optical Sensor for Smoke Detection Applications.

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Solar Power

Dual Input Buck-Boost with integrated PowerPath™ Manager. Allows to attach Solar cells and Li-Po battery

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High Sound pressure level and clear sound. Add sound to your device

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7 Segment Display

Integrated Surface mount display. Allows to simply display 2 digits

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Integrated 2x RGB Leds and 2x Tactile Switches. Perfect solution for a self-controlled system

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Li-Po USB Charger

Connect power supply to your device with a Micro-USB cable

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Integrated 8x RGB Leds, Ultra-Low-Power Operation Increases Battery life of a device.

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Integrated 8x Tactile Switches

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Soil Mosture

Measure the volumetric water content in soil

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Connect modules in more than one stack

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Pollution quality sensor analyzing PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels

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Connect your device to a USB port

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Integrated complete and self-contained WiFi networking solution. 802.11 B/G/N support.

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Integrated Precision Micropower RMS to DC Converter. Used for power meters

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Stepper motor driver

DC motors that move in discrete steps

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SD Card

Integrated Micro SD Card Holder

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integrated Stand Alone Ethernet Controller with SPI Interface

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Integrated Cryptographic Co-processor with Secure HArdware-based Key Storage.

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Integrated High-sensitive human detection sensor with Built-IN Amp. In simple words motion sensor

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Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Controller

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3D Hall

Integrated Micropower Ultrasensitive 3D Hall Effect Switch. true 3d Sensing

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Integrated RTC IC. Provides Year, month, day, weekdays, hours, minutes and seconds

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Save data on Flash memmory unit.

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Integrated EEPROM memmory

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RS232 is a single ended serial interface which allows one transmitter and one receiver to be connected together for transfer of data


RS422 interface is used to transmit data at higher speed and for larger distance compare to RS232


Analog Devices inertial measurement sensors are based on multiaxis combinations of precision gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and pressure sensor


Build devices that can be controlled with Joystick

Arduino HAT

Connect smablo system to Arduino

AA Battery

Provide energy from AA batteries